Fusing art with science, Brassteel innovations have been proven in kitchens and F&B establishments locally
and internationally.

Our ability is customizability. If your establishment is novel and one of a kind, our designers will push the boundaries of innovation to exceed your expectations.

Explore our gallery to discover some of our satisfied clients' ideas made manifest.


In a visually saturated world, achieving prominence and clout is a challenge faced by all businesses. Here at Brassteel, we strive to give you the visual edge both presentation and presence. Marrying the latest in technological advancement together with fashionable trends and tastes. Our consultants fuse man and material to optimize operations and provide creative solutions to meet your highest standards.

Brassteel Consultants have been sought out by clients from all over the world, including Abu Dhabi, China, Dubai, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Macau, Malaysia, Maldives, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, United States and Vietnam.

The Brassteel experience goes beyond our customizable displays. Expand your options with our impressive range of ready-made displays and showcases. We here as Brassteel believe in quality, hence we seek out only the best to work with.
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Expand your options with our impressive range of Modular Equipment, Refrigeration Solutions and other kitchen systems to compliment your Brassteel experience. From chillers to blenders or cookers to dishwashers, our product catalog is confident of meeting your unique requirements.