The Brassteel experience is not limited to beautiful display cases or amazing service. Our experienced consultants are experienced in space management or workflow planning
as well. With Brassteel you can be assured of a hassle free
set up or enhancement of your establishment.

Our kitchen equipment is divided into the electrical and
the gas range designed to exceed your expectations.
To complete the kitchen, Brassteel provides kitchen essentials such as fryer, microwaves and ovens.

Brassteel caters for every need in the F&B industry, including Hotels, Restaurants, Cafe Baleries, Delis and Food chain operations and the professionals who move them Brassteel also support you with complementary items such as blenders, candy floss makers, waffle makers and other kitchen tools.

Brassteel offers a comprehensive range of food service equipment and products ready for your use.
With our consultants' expertise in F&B space and workflow plan, enjoy a stress-free experience in your F&B project.

Brassteel understands that a complete F&B solution has to go beyond display cases. Brassteel sought out the
best brands and companies of kitchen equipment to partner with, brands that embody both quality and integrity.
With our Exclusive Distribution of these world-renowned brands listed below, you can be sure that your advantage of working with us is kept between us.

Established since 1961, Maruzen produces quality cooking equipment which complements Japanese cuisine. With investments in R&D, the Maruzen line strives to innovate in quality, efficiency and cost.

Coven boasts a complete range of Ovens including Convection Ovens, Mixt Ovens and Bakery Ovens. Bakeries, Gastronomy Labs and Industrial Kitchens have benefited from Coven's 20 years of experience. Brassteel is proud to be the exclusive distributor in Asia.

With over 35 years of experience producing high quality refrigeration products we are happy to partner with Kingdom to support you by expanding your product range with cake/chocolate/ice cream showcases, sushi showcases, walk in cooler, walk in cold rooms and shock freezers.

With over 60 years experience in the market, Hoshizaki has manufactured and sold a variety of products including stoves, refrigerators, vending machines, water purifiers, servers and dispensers, icemakers and refrigerated show cases.